Our 2021 Bat Digest Award Winners

Our 2021 Bat Digest Award Winners

Feb 23rd 2021

About the Bat Digest Awards

Every year, Bat Digest selects the “Best Baseball Bats” based on rigorous testing, player reviews, and industry knowledge. These awards are recognized as an honor in our realm. Bat Digest took into consideration barrel performance, bat technology, player feedback and more to identify the best bats of 2021. In total, Marucci bat lines won six awards in the Diamond and Platinum categories as well as the 2021 Youth Bat of the Year.

As a premiere destination for baseball and fastpitch bat information, Bat Digest’s reviews are some of the most trusted in the industry.

"We took and measured over 4,000 swings with 10 different hitters on 2021 bats. The 2021 Marucci line of bats are even better than we anticipated. Without fail, our hitters gave industry-leading marks for feel to Marucci bats. Exit speeds were some of the best, and their swing weights and durability make them viable for the largest grouping of amateur players. Marucci's place among the most awarded 2021 bat lines in the industry is well deserved,” explained Brian Duryea, creator of Bat Digest.

Marucci has been a part of the Bat Digest awards since the CAT6 release in 2015. We value the input from Brian and his team at Bat Digest. The hands-on approach Bat Digest takes in the review process helps companies assess how their bats feel in the hands of athletes. There is no better feedback to receive than from the athletes themselves.

“We’re thrilled to be included in the Bat Digest awards every year. It’s a testament to our hard work and dedication to providing the best equipment in baseball. Bat Digest is a key contributor to the baseball community; they put bats in the hands of athletes to ensure the best reviews possible,” said Kurt Ainsworth, Marucci CEO & Co-Founder.

2020 was filled with obstacles, which makes these awards even sweeter. We spent two years refining the CAT9, CAT9 Connect, CAT9 Composite and CAT Connect. Those years speak volumes to the awards that you’ll find below.

Youth Bat of the Year – CAT9 Connect USSSA

Bat Digest deemed the senior league CAT9 Connect as the best bat in USSSA baseball. The overall performance, rapid growth in popularity and high demand for the CAT9 Connect is what brought home this award.

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CAT9 Connect Senior League -5

CAT9 Connect Senior League -8

CAT9 Connect Senior League -10


Diamond awards are given out to the top-performing baseball bats and come highly recommended. Our Diamond awarded bats are CAT9 Connect BBCOR, CAT9 Connect USSSA and CAT9 Composite USSSA.


We are always raising the bar to ensure athletes receive the best products possible. With the CAT9, we crafted excellence, and that is made clear with the Diamond Award.

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CAT9 Senior League -5

CAT9 Senior League -8

CAT9 Senior League -10

CAT9 Connect

It doesn’t stop there. The CAT9 Connect line is not only a Diamond level winner, but the USSSA sizes were also awarded the 2021 Youth Bat of the Year. As one of the hottest bats to drop in 2020, it’s no shocker to see the CAT9 Connect shine bright.

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CAT9 Connect BBCOR

CAT9 Connect Senior League -5

CAT9 Connect Senior League -8

CAT9 Connect Senior League -10

CAT9 Composite

With the CAT9 Composite, we said we constructed a meaner, hotter and bolder bat. Let the awards speak for themselves. Our newest bat in 2021 took home awards at every size.

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CAT9 Composite Senior League -5

CAT9 Composite Senior League -8

CAT9 Composite Senior League -10

CAT9 Composite Junior Big Barrel -10


Bat Digest describes the Platinum Award as a bat that scores very well across all major categories. They are a perfect fit for some and a good fit for many. The CAT Connect USA Baseball certified bat was awarded with the Platinum award.

The CAT Connect is our first USA Baseball certified bat to feature anti-vibration technology. With an upgraded SDX LT connection, the CAT Connect dismisses vibration in the hands while decreasing the weight.

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CAT Connect – USA Baseball