Partners Rooted in Purpose

Volition America is a movement changing the way we connect with America, through innovative apparel and accessories. Volition America is a collaboration of labels and a collective expression of love for America that transcends culture, gender, race, age and political beliefs. Empowering people to live through positive choices is the driving force of the company and its partnerships. Volition America is both a symbol and a catalyst for unity – when you see the VA logo, you are part of a movement that cares. This alliance of brands and the consumers who engage with them are making a conscious choice to express the power to celebrate America and build strong communities.

  • Veterans Day CATX


  • Veterans Day CATX
    Senior League -5


  • Veterans Day CATX
    Senior League -8


  • Veterans Day CATX
    Senior League -10


  • Veterans Day CATX
    Junior Big Barrel -10


  • Veterans Day TVT
    Pro Exclusive


  • Veterans Day TVT
    Youth Pro Exclusive


  • Veterand Day Capitol
    Type 43A2 11.5" I-Web


  • Veterans Day
    Batting Gloves




    By donating part of our profits to empower the families of our nation’s fallen heroes through educational scholarships, Volition America helps ensure no family is left behind on the field of battle.

    Since 2007, the Folds of Honor Foundation has carried forth this singular, noble mission. It has provided over 29,000 education scholarships to spouses and children of fallen and disabled service-members and raised over $120 million to-date.

    We owe it to the game to challenge convention and leverage technology to power a new level of performance. We know what it takes because we've stood where you stand.

    Embrace the game, show your style, add your flare, put in the hours, stay dedicated and most importantly

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