Which Batting Glove Fits Your Playstyle?

Which Batting Glove Fits Your Playstyle?

Oct 1st 2020

Each batting glove that Marucci offers is tailored for a specific type of player, but we have something in the line for everyone. From durability to feel, we have you covered. In this guide we break down every batting glove in the Marucci line to help you select which batting glove fits your unique style of play.

A glove that is designed for feel will typically have less durability, while a glove designed with thick leather will have improved durability. However, a glove made with thick leather will have a decrease in feel. High-end gloves that are made for feel and comfort utilize premium leathers that allow for better feel but risk showing wear after prolonged use.

A structured glove utilizes more stitching and less flexibility to help you maintain your grip strength by keeping your hand in the curled position. While an athlete with good grip strength will benefit from a glove with more flexibility as it opens them up for more mobility at the plate.

The sturdiness of a batting glove comes from the material used. By utilizing stronger, heavier materials and a solid build, sturdy batting gloves are great for athletes who would rather have more weight on their hands. Our lightweight gloves have less stitching and are designed with lighter materials to take excess weight off of the hands to give you a more natural feel.

Now that you have an idea on how we’ve categorized unique batting glove styles, let’s break down each glove in our line to help you decide which fits your needs the best.

Pittards® Reserve:

The Pittards® Reserve feature a thinner palm to minimize the separation of the palm and the bat. If you are an athlete who aims to maximize feel and comfort at the dish, the Pittards® are the fit for you. The silicone printed back provides maximum movement while still giving your hands slightly more structure. These batting gloves are recommended for game use only.


The Breeze is constructed of a one-piece Breeze knit material and a goatskin leather palm. The no-stitch back-of-hand design provides breathability, comfort and mobility, and the leather palm provides supreme grip. This batting glove is designed for the athlete who prefers a lightweight glove with a natural feel and maximum control at the plate.


The Tesoros feature no stitching to provide maximum flexibility and ultimate feel. It’s no-stitching, one material back-of-hand design allows for full stretch during movement to ensure you receive the most out of your swing. The Tesoros are made for athletes who want to feel their bat at the plate.


The Signatures are our most balanced batting glove. This batting glove has a good feel with stretch where you need it and structure where you don’t. As our most versatile pair of batting gloves, the Signatures are aimed at fitting the needs of every hitter.


Blacksmiths are the ultimate heavy-duty glove. Featuring a wrap-around Velcro strap to lock you into the glove, you'll receive maximum structure to keep you in the zone. The Blacksmiths are our most durable gloves and are crafted for putting in countless hours in the cage or at the tee.


The Crest feature a thick palm with breathable material and are built for countless innings of play. Their dimpled mesh back provides extra breathability and flexibility to give you more control over your bat. Crest batting gloves are for athletes who want a glove built for long time use.


The Code has the highest tack of any glove in our batting glove line. With the Code on your hands, you’ll have a good grip at the plate to help improve your production.


The Badge are built specifically for tee ball players. Built for flexibility and comfort, these batting gloves help improve mobility for kids beginning their journey into baseball.


Medallion batting gloves are designed specifically for fastpitch players. Crafted with a genuine leather palm, these gloves give you the grip and durability you need to dominate at the plate.

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