Apr 3rd 2017


BATON ROUGE, La./PITTSBURGH - In a collaborative effort spearheaded by the ever-increasing demand for data and ‘smart’ technology within the game of baseball, Marucci Sports and Diamond Kinetics today introduced the Smart Bat Custom Cut - a revolutionary, new bat design that places Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker® sensor inside the knob of handcrafted maple bats from Marucci.

“Marucci is very excited to launch this product and embrace new technology,” said Marucci Sports CEO/Co-Founder Kurt Ainsworth. “With the growing popularity of metrics, analytics, and technology among players, the Smart Bat will hopefully encourage more swings, more practice, and overall more baseball.”

With a cutting-edge design that incorporates Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker software platform into a single, all-encompassing piece of ‘smart’ equipment, the Smart Bat represents the new standard by which baseball swing data will be collected, delivered and analyzed.

The seamless integration uses a dual-locking mechanism to hold the Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker sensor safely and firmly in the knob of the Marucci bat, while also allowing for easy and safe removal to charge. The Smart Bat uses DK’s latest sensor which includes ahigher specification accelerometer and gyroscope that has two-times the sensing range of the previous sensor.

Smart Bat will feature a traditional knob and barrel with a medium handle, and will be available in 31-34” with approximately a -2 drop weight for adults and 28-30” with approximately a -4 drop weight for youth. Bats can be purchased at

“Smart Bat is another step toward unlocking the power of information, in a seamless user experience, to help players improve their skills and advance their level of performance” said Diamond Kinetics CEO C.J. Handron

In conjunction with Smart Bat, Marucci will also debut its first ever mobile application for iOS devices. The app - designed and engineered in collaboration with Diamond Kinetics - will feature exclusive content from Buster Posey, Anthony Rizzo and other Marucci partners, as well as a direct connection into the SwingTracker mobile app.

Furthermore, the Marucci app will be part of a connected family of Diamond Kinetics and partner apps to give the Smart Bat user the ultimate swing, data and instructional platform upon which to develop their skills.


Founded in 2013, Diamond Kinetics provides real-time quantitative data, biomechanics feedback and training guidance for sports performance improvement using wireless inertial measurement units (IMU’s) and mobile applications.

Building on academically validated scientific research at the University of Michigan and the University of Pittsburgh, Diamond Kinetics has an exclusive license for the application of IMU sensors in baseball and softball.

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Marucci Sports

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