Marucci Adds Its Newest Founders' Club Member With The Arkansas Patriots

Marucci Adds Its Newest Founders' Club Member With The Arkansas Patriots

Jan 21st 2021

Marucci Sports has its eye on the next generation of players with the addition of the Arkansas Patriots into the Founders’ Club. Marucci previously inaugurated 21 teams into their Franchise Club and are looking to continue their domination of amateur baseball. The Arkansas Patriots are the newest members of this elite collection of travel ball clubs around the country.

“We are thrilled to announce the Arkansas Patriots as the newest member to the Marucci Founders’ Club. We have been working with the Patriots for a few years and watching their program development. We were looking to expand the Founders’ Club and enjoyed the relationship we had developed with their coaches, players, and parents, so it made sense to make them our Founders’ Club representative in Arkansas. We look forward to having the Patriots teams participate in the Marucci World Series and are excited to help their continued growth in the future,” said Kyle Achord, Marucci’s Vice President of Team Sales.

The Founders’ Club is comprised of some of the largest, most influential and well-respected programs in amateur baseball. By joining the Founders’ Club, the Arkansas Patriots are making a commitment to represent Marucci in the right way and Honor the Game in every way possible. Marucci Sports looks forward to seeing the growth and progression of the Arkansas Patriots as a member of the Founders’ Club.

“To have a partner like Marucci to share core values and help us continue to grow is an honor and a privilege. To be aligned with so many premier programs across the country is a blessing. Thank you to all of our players, parents, coaches and Marucci. We are looking forward to a great relationship. Go Pats!” said Shane Smith, Director of the Arkansas Patriots.

As Marucci Sports continues to grow the Founders’ Club, the organizations will grow with it. The Founders’ Club has played a crucial part in the increase of Marucci product usage on baseball fields across the country.

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