Diamond Kinetics Smart Bat Sensor

Diamond Kinetics Smart Bat Sensor

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Diamond Kinetics Smart Bat Sensor

The SwingTracker sensor from Diamond Kinetics captures your most precise swing data using with 11 different metrics in four core swing categories: speed, power, quickness, and control. This sensor is made specifically for the Marucci Smart Bat and Custom Pro Models that have been customized as Smart Ready by the user, and fits securely within the knob of the bat, allowing the most clean, consistent, accurate swing with no added weight or bulky restrictions. 

SwingTracker sensor is removable, chargeable, and includes a replica sensor for times the bat is not in “smart” mode.


The SwingTracker sensor captures motion data in real-time and sends it to the SwingTracker app through a paired iOS device via Bluetooth. View metrics in easy-to-read graphics and charts or sync with a unique 3D image or video of your swing. Download SwingTracker app in the App Store. Currently available for iOS devices only.

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