WildCard: 44A4 11.75" Single Post

WildCard: 44A4 11.75" Single Post

Maximum Purchase:
3 units

WildCard: 44A4 11.75" Single Post

[Project WildCard]: Unpredictable. Unprecedented. Unpretentious. 
For those more interested in what it does, than what it looks like. 

Leather is a natural material - complete with imperfections, wrinkles and variations in color. Utilizing scraps of high-quality leather that would otherwise be discarded, each glove is a unique combination of perfectly imperfect leather. 

Every glove
            is completely unique
            tells its own story
            remains a complete mystery until the box is opened
            helps reduce material waste on a global scale

  • Shape: Dual Wide
  • Depth: Medium
  • High-quality Japanese Kip and/or steerhide provides structure and durability, while keeping your gamer lightweight
  • Available in right-hand throw
  • Recommended for second base, shortstop, third base
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