Tulane Baseball and Marucci Sports Join Forces in a Powerful Partnership

Tulane Baseball and Marucci Sports Join Forces in a Powerful Partnership

Jan 15th 2024

About an hour away from Marucci’s headquarters is the newest baseball program joining the Marucci family. While #MarucciFamily is a common reference made amongst the elite group of baseball and fastpitch organizations and universities who have chosen to partner with the equipment powerhouse, the family roots run deep in connection to Tulane Baseball.

“This is a great day for Tulane Baseball and we are proud to say ‘we are Marucci’,” said Jay Uhlman, head coach of Tulane Baseball. His excitement is echoed by the CEO and Co-Founder of Marucci Sports, Kurt Ainsworth, who not only believes in the program but has a personal connection with Tulane University. His son is a proud student-athlete at Tulane, exemplifying respect and trust in the university and the baseball program.

"We are honored to support Tulane Baseball and contribute to the growth of collegiate athletics in Louisiana. This partnership is a reflection of our belief in the program's potential and the talented athletes it produces," stated Ainsworth. "Having my son attend Tulane is a source of immense pride for our family, and we are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring to both of our organizations."

When asked about the decision to partner with Marucci, Uhlman first recognized Marucci’s commitment to personalized service. “We are grateful for the opportunity to join forces with a group of people who value relationships first. Their level of care for the programs they serve are unequaled in our business.”

The partnership will provide Tulane Baseball with cutting-edge equipment, personalized support, and access to Marucci's expertise in player development. Marucci Sports will work closely with the coaching staff and players to ensure they have the tools they need to excel on the field and represent Tulane with pride.

Uhlman continued, “Marucci values our players and makes them feel like valued partners. All of this comes before we have even discussed the quality of the tools for development they provide.”

Marucci will elevate the talented team with industry-leading products, like personalized fielding gloves, and the CATX line of baseball bats. Developed with years of analytics and testing, the CATX has proven itself as one of the best bats in college athletics and been a part of many defining moments.

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