The Marucci Franchise Club Adds The East Coast Sox as Its Newest Member

The Marucci Franchise Club Adds The East Coast Sox as Its Newest Member

Oct 1st 2020

Marucci Sports announced on 10/1 that the East Coast Sox have joined the newly formed Franchise Club.

“The East Coast Sox are a unique organization in that they are able to blend their mission of serving and sharing Christ through baseball with also being one of the top programs in the country. Their ability to consistently compete at the highest level in national events, while keeping their mission at the forefront, is extremely impressive,” said Kyle Achord, Marucci’s Vice President of Team Sales.

The East Coast Sox are a great representation of Marucci both on and off the field. This new multi-year deal offers a deeper integration of the Marucci and Victus brands with the East Coast Sox. As part of this deeper integration, the East Coast Sox will be granted the use of Marucci and Victus in their team names.

“We are happy to have them join the Franchise Club as it adds another strong program to the impressive list of members. We enjoy working with Greg, Joe, Eric, and their staff and look forward to continuing that relationship for years to come,” continued Achord.

Marucci Sports has had an amazing relationship with the East Coast Sox as a member of the Founders’ Club. Their relationship will continue to develop as Marucci and Victus is dedicated to propelling the growth of the East Coast Sox.

“We are excited to be part of the Franchise Club and look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship with Marucci. The Sox organization appreciates the commitment of Marucci to keep improving its products and service,” said Greg Sykes, President of the East Coast Sox.

Marucci Sports is excited about the East Coast Sox representing the two hottest brands in baseball. Together, they will all reach new heights.

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