The BL26 Series Q&A with Bailey Landry

The BL26 Series Q&A with Bailey Landry

Aug 15th 2018

Before the launch of Bailey Landry’s new product line, BL26, we sat down and discussed what this line means to her personally, to Marucci Softball as a whole, and to softball players working their way up in the game.

Q1: What does it mean to you to be Marucci Softball’s first ambassador to have their own product line?

“For me it’s a huge honor and I think for Marucci, it marks a big milestone to have me as an ambassador, to move forward, continuing to grow along with the game of softball. To have a player, to have a product line, I think it makes it more personal and that is what Marucci is all about. To have that personal connection, that down home feeling in Baton Rouge, I think it just fits. It’s a huge honor that I get to be that person to help Marucci move forward and we get to work together to do great things for the sport.”

Q2: What are you most excited about when it comes to your product line?

“I think I’m most excited about the fact that it gives girls something else to strive for and to look forward to. For myself it’s a huge honor but I think little girls coming up seeing the expansion of softball, seeing how big the sport is getting, it just gives them one more goal that they can aspire to. They can see the product line and say, Wow, that’s a really cool accomplishment. I am going to work harder so maybe one day I can do that for myself.”

Q3: Being born and raised in Louisiana, growing up playing softball and now being a professional player, did you ever dream of having your own softball equipment line?

“I did not. I didn’t think that was something that would be available. Especially, to have Marucci here in my own backyard, where I was born and raised, where I went to college, where my career has its roots, that is something that’s absolutely incredible. I am extremely thankful for it and I can’t wait to see where it goes and to continue to work with Marucci.”