Tee Ball Shopping Guide

Tee Ball Shopping Guide

Mar 10th 2020

Tee ball marks the beginning of a kid’s baseball journey. Having the proper bat can make all the difference in an enjoyable game for the youngsters coming up. We understand you might be new to baseball bat and equipment shopping, and we are here to help you find the best gear for your new tee ball player.


A bat’s weight is measured in ounces and is referred to as a “drop weight.” When shopping for a tee ball bat, you can find the weight in ounces by subtracting the drop weight from the length. For example, Marucci’s CAT Tee Ball bat is a drop 11, or -11. If you are interested in the 24-inch CAT Tee Ball bat, subtract 11 (drop weight) from 24 (length). You now know that this 24-inch bat weighs 13 ounces.

If you’re not sure which weight is good for your child, have them hold the bat with one hand horizontally in front of their body. If they can hold it straight for 20 seconds without the barrel dipping, they are strong enough to swing this bat size.


Bat length plays heavily into how much control your player will have over the bat. To find the correct length, have your child stand up straight with their arms parallel to their body and palms facing forward. Measure in inches from the floor to the center of their palm. This number will correlate with the correct bat length for your child. If you measure 25 inches with this method, the CAT Tee Ball -11 size 25/14 might be a good fit for your tee ball player.

The Marucci CAT Tee Ball bat is available in -11 and -12, and is USA Baseball certified. Click here to learn more. 


Batting gloves are used for better grip and control of the bat. The more a hitter can control vibration off the bat during contact, the better the hit. They also reduce blister-causing friction produced while swinging - which kids tend to dislike. Our Badge Youth Batting Gloves are designed specifically for tee ball players' small hands and feature breathable, flexible materials that reduce friction and irritation.


The Badge Youth Bat Pack is sized specifically for young players to keep them prepped and ready to go. The bag features a top loading entry that gives you access to the main compartment of the bat pack, providing easy access to store all of your player's gear. Two side bat holders also provide external storage for either your CAT Tee Ball bat or Badge batting gloves.