Scorpions Baseball Club Deepens Their Commitment to Marucci Sports

Scorpions Baseball Club Deepens Their Commitment to Marucci Sports

Sep 3rd 2020

Marucci Sports announced on 9/3 the Scorpions Baseball Club has joined the newly formed Franchise Club.

“The Scorpions Baseball Club is nationally known so we are excited that they will be joining the Franchise Club and representing the Marucci and Victus brands moving forward. With their focus on player development, the Scorpions produce some of the top talent in the state of Florida and their affiliate locations across the country. We love the relationship we have with the Scorpions staff. Coach Rikeman and his team truly care about their players and their success on and off the field. These are the kinds of organizations we want in the Franchise Club,” said Kyle Achord, Marucci’s Vice President of Team Sales.

The Scorpions have signed a new multi-year deal with Marucci Sports to be further integrated with the Marucci and Victus brands. As a member of the Franchise Club, the Scorpions will now be granted the use of Marucci and Victus in their team names.

“We are excited to continue our relationship with the great people at Marucci and Victus. There is no doubt that they are the hottest brands in baseball! The relationship has always been about merging the best people with the best product, which aligns with the Scorpions’ mission,” said Bob Rikeman, President of the Scorpions Baseball Club.

Marucci’s partnership with Coach Rikeman doesn’t stop there. Bob Rikeman and his team opened a Marucci Clubhouse franchise in Orlando, Florida late last year. Clubhouse Orlando is a 27,000 square foot newly-renovated indoor baseball and softball training facility, that also includes a specialty retail store filled exclusively with Marucci and Victus products.

“We will have the ability to exclusively use Marucci and Victus products in our development model which ensures that our players and coaches will go to battle with the best tools in the game. We look forward to the use of the Marucci and Victus names while growing our relationship nationally as a Marucci Franchise Club,” continued Rikeman.

Marucci and Victus are excited to extend the partnership with the Scorpions Baseball Club and support them in their growth nationally as a premier baseball organization and member of the Franchise Club.