Q&A: Pro Fastpitch Player Bailey Landry

Q&A: Pro Fastpitch Player Bailey Landry

Jul 9th 2018

We sat down with professional fastpitch player and Marucci Softball Ambassador Bailey Landry to get an inside look at life as a pro.

Q: What’s the biggest difference between college and professional softball?

Bailey: “It’s a big difference from college to professional softball. We’re definitely on our own a lot more. You are expected to act and play as a professional. We don’t have people telling us we need to be at a certain place or to be at practice a certain time. You’re expected to do your own work, get your things done and anything that you need to take care of, it’s on you.

In college, people kind of hold your hand a little bit. They’re totally there for support. It’s more of a professional atmosphere here but I like it. It’s different because there’s not just one mold, you can do what you need to and however you perform best, go for it, do it.

It’s a lot self-motivation because everyone that’s here wants to be here, and everyone that’s here wants to play, and they all have one goal in mind. There’s not that distraction of school, which is a great thing, but your main focus is softball.”

Q: What’s the experience been like playing with Scrap Yard?

Bailey: “When we first started, we got here at these great facilities and we did a week of two-a-day practices. It was good, but it was difficult in the Texas heat. We practice more in the morning, and in the afternoon we would scrimmage. It’s been a great atmosphere; we have a lot of great athletes here.

It’s been super fun just getting to know a lot of the girls that I have played against and having some old teammates here with me but it’s been great.

The atmosphere has been super fun, super competitive, everyone gets along and everyone just wants to grow softball. It’s awesome to be a part of.”

Q: What is life like as a member of Scrap Yard?

Bailey: “We all live here, play here, so this is like our compound. We all live in houses that are pretty close to the area and our houses surround our park. So, you’re not only playing with these people and on a team with these people, but you are also living with them as well. You really get to know them on a personal level.

Most of the houses have pools, so we do get to have some of a normal life. So, after practice we’ll go jump in the pool, get our muscles loose and then go at it again.

We also have hitting facilities right by the houses so it’s pretty cool. It’s like a one-stop shop.

It’s almost like you’re at a softball summer camp but you’re playing with the best softball players, and you’re competing; just working hard to grow the game.”