Puck Knobs: CATX Remains on Top with Latest Innovation

Puck Knobs: CATX Remains on Top with Latest Innovation

Feb 19th 2024

In the ever-evolving world of baseball bats, Marucci takes center stage with another industry-first: adding a puck knob to the celebrated CATX. Previously exclusive to wood bats, the puck knob has become a hot topic in the game, and its integration into the CATX bat line is set to redefine an athlete’s hitting experience.

Incorporating the puck knob into the CATX BBCOR and CATX Connect BBCOR is more than a design choice – it emphasizes Marucci's commitment to leading the market. The patent-pending technology underscores their investment in innovation. Due to the research conducted in the Baseball Performance Lab, Marucci can confidently state that the CATX with integrated puck knob stands unrivaled as the most balanced BBCOR bat on the market today.

To start, what is a puck knob?

The puck knob is a sophisticated solution that optimizes the weight distribution of the bat. The standout feature is its extended design, adding approximately 1" to the length of the bat. Its primary function is to counterbalance the weight of the barrel by strategically moving the balance point closer to the batter's hands.

Most athletes have a preference between a balanced or end-loaded feel, which is largely dependent on the balance point, or center of mass. When the balance point is farther away from the hands, the bat has a more end-loaded feel. When the balance point is closer to the hands, the bat has a more balanced feel.

Extended Knob for Added Benefits

LIGHTER FEEL: This extended knob adds to the overall bat length but makes the bat feel lighter because it counterbalances the weight of the barrel. For first-time BBCOR players, the puck knob offers an unparalleled experience, swinging as light or lighter than some -5 Senior League bats, ensuring a seamless transition without compromising performance. This more balanced design not only makes the bat feel lighter but also offers more control.

LONGER LENGTH: Puck knobs enable players to opt for a longer bat, maximizing reach and barrel length without the usual trade-off in swing weight. This means more coverage, more power, and more control.

MORE SPEED: Bats with a puck knob are easier to swing, allowing athletes to create more bat speed. With increased bat speed, comes harder and faster hit balls and more in-game results.

The puck knob is an excellent option for:

  • Athletes transitioning to BBCOR
  • Athletes looking to improve top of the zone coverage
  • Athletes who are facing a high-velocity pitcher
  • Athletes with lower grip strength

Catering to a wide array of hitters, the puck knob is also available on the CATX Connect BBCOR. This two-piece bat is a great option for contact hitters who have traditionally struggled with two-piece bats. Its design lowers the balance point by 1.25”, creating a two-piece bat that swings as effortlessly as its one-piece counterpart without the puck knob, while maintaining the feel power hitters crave.

What sets puck knob bats apart is not only the innovative design but also the unique BPI number printed on the bats. BPI, short for Balance Point Index™, is the brainchild of the Baseball Performance Lab, that distills the elusive concept of feel down to one powerful number. The invention of BPI numbers will revolutionize the way athletes and coaches describe and select bats.

Marucci has long been synonymous with innovation in the baseball industry and by continuously pushing the boundaries of bat design and functionality, Marucci is moving the game forward.

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