Midwest Nationals Plan a Name Change as Part of Franchise Club Agreement

Midwest Nationals Plan a Name Change as Part of Franchise Club Agreement

Sep 1st 2020

Marucci Sports announced on 9/1 that the Midwest Nationals have joined the newly formed Franchise Club.

“We are excited to continue our long partnership with Marucci and be a charter member of their Franchise Club program. We strive to help our players be the best they can be on the field; it only makes sense for us to be partnered with the best brand in baseball,” said Randy Merryman, Director of the Midwest Nationals.

Kyle Achord, Marucci Sports’ Vice President of Team Sales, echoed Merryman’s sentiments. “We have a long-standing relationship with Randy, Chris, and the Midwest Nationals organization. They have been loyal members of the Founders’ Club and have shown their commitment to the Marucci Sports brand throughout our relationship.”

With the inclusion of the Midwest Nationals in the Franchise Club, Marucci continues to solidify partnerships with top travel ball organizations across the country. Securing a spot in the Franchise Club represents an increased commitment between Marucci, Victus and the organizations who commit to this new multi-year deal. An additional privilege is the use of the Marucci and Victus brand names in connection to their teams.

“The Midwest Nationals previously re-branded as the Midwest Founders’ Club as a sign of their commitment and will now move forward as Marucci Midwest and Victus Midwest. We know they will represent both Marucci and Victus well. With the facilities they have to offer their players and the support of both brands, the sky is the limit for their program,” continued Achord.

The Midwest Nationals have always welcomed a deeper integration with both Marucci and Victus. Building off of their strong relationship, Randy Merryman and his team brought a Marucci Clubhouse franchise to Ozark, Missouri. Clubhouse Midwest is a state-of-the-art, 23,000-square-foot indoor training facility that also serves as a training ground to the Midwest Nationals.

With the Midwest Nationals planning to move forward as Marucci Midwest and Victus Midwest, both brands will play a pivotal role in the future growth of the organization. Marucci and Victus are excited about top travel ball organizations in the country representing the brands as part of the Franchise Club.