Marucci Sports' Partnership With Tri-State Arsenal Strengthens Footprint in Northeast

Marucci Sports' Partnership With Tri-State Arsenal Strengthens Footprint in Northeast

Sep 1st 2020

Marucci Sports announced on 9/1 that Tri-State Arsenal has joined the newly formed Franchise Club.

“Tri-State Arsenal is proud to be a member of the Marucci Franchise Club. Marucci has been a true partner for us, the support we receive is unmatched, and we are excited to be part of this exclusive club. We look forward to taking our partnership to a new level - one that we feel only Marucci can provide,” said Mike Dineen, COO and General Manager for Tri-State Arsenal.

Marucci’s elite travel ball partners are the first to receive new products from both Marucci and Victus, a baseball brand in King of Prussia, PA acquired by Marucci in 2017. Organizations invited into the Franchise Club will also be granted the use of Marucci and Victus in their team names, along with a deeper integration with the brands.

“We are excited that Tri-State Arsenal made the decision to join the Franchise Club. The Arsenal has been around for a long time and have a reputation for producing some of the top talent in the area, so we are glad that their coaches and players will be representing the Marucci and Victus brands moving forward. Located as close to Victus as they are, this partnership just makes sense,” continued Kyle Achord, Marucci’s Vice President of Team Sales.

With Victus’ growth over the years and this extended partnership, Marucci Sports is solidifying their footprint in the Northeast. Marucci Sports is committed to supporting the Franchise Clubs growth, while reaching new heights through superior products and service. Both brands are excited about top travel ball organizations throughout the country representing the two hottest brands in baseball.