Marucci Sports Officially Partners With Trea Turner

Marucci Sports Officially Partners With Trea Turner

Apr 9th 2021

Marucci Sports has added Washington D.C.’s shortstop, Trea Turner, to its roster of Big League athletes. Trea brings a style to baseball that compliments Marucci’s ‘Honor the Game’ motto. His championship mindset and winning mentality embody what it means to be a Marucci athlete. Over the last three seasons, Trea has hit 50 home runs, stolen 90 bases and had an overall batting average of .283. Most recently, he finished with a .335 batting average.

Trea has been a loyal supporter of Marucci throughout his career, and now he’s committed to a stronger partnership with Marucci. “Marucci is what I’ve always swung. It’s my favorite and I have confidence in them,” said Trea.

Trea will be joining Marucci’s elite list of hitters including Francisco Lindor, Josh Donaldson, Buster Posey, and Anthony Rizzo to provide input, test and approve upcoming products before going to market.

“At the end of the day, you’re trying to win, and half the battle when you’re stepping into the box facing someone else is if you have that confidence, and picking up a Marucci bat helps me build that confidence," said Trea.

Now that Trea Turner is an official Marucci athlete, he’ll play an important role in the process of crafting his Marucci Pro Model. With his TVT Pro Model, you’ll be getting a bat that’s great for spreading the ball around the field.

Turner’s signature TVT wood bat line will be available to customize on in April and in store this summer.