Marucci Sports Adds 3rd Fastpitch Organization to Their Prestigious Founders' Club

Marucci Sports Adds 3rd Fastpitch Organization to Their Prestigious Founders' Club

Jan 27th 2021

Marucci Sports is constantly on the move to increase their presence in fastpitch. With the addition of the Texas Shock, they are doing just that. The Texas Shock marks the 3rd fastpitch organization to join the Marucci Founders’ Club.

The Texas Shock were established in 2014 by David Dahnke. The program has seen great success over the years.

“In 2017 we started having teams show interest in becoming part of the Shock. At first, we weren’t ready and wanted to continue to stay independent but with growing interest we decided to add our first 4 teams to our Shock family,” said David Dahnke, Founder of the Texas Shock. “We are now growing rapidly and coming up on 30 teams! The excitement we have to see our teams’ successes and wearing the Shock logo is beyond measure.”

The Texas Shock are focused on teaching players the basics and fundamentals of fastpitch. Every athlete who plays in the organization is given the opportunity to grow and achieve their dreams to play fastpitch at the highest level.

“With our partnership with Marucci, we feel we will be able to give our teams even more opportunities and give the organization an exciting path for greater growth. We are excited to see what the future holds for the Shock and Marucci and excited to have them join us for another day in paradise,” said David Dahnke.

“Marucci Sports is committed to growing our presence in fastpitch. Our sales team has been looking for potential organizations that are the right fit for us, and the Texas Shock are exactly that. Their staff’s commitment to helping their players and the passion they have for the game of softball was evident immediately. We believe the Shock will be great partners and look forward to working with their players, parents, and coaches. Our fastpitch staff has quickly developed a great relationship with the Shock ownership and are excited to add them to the Marucci Family,” said Kyle Achord, Marucci’s Vice President Team Sales.

The Founders’ Club has played a crucial part in the increase of Marucci product usage on baseball and softball fields across the country. With the addition of the Texas Shock, Marucci Sports’ looks forward to the increased representation of fastpitch products in the state of Texas.

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