Marucci Sports Acquires Victus

Marucci Sports Acquires Victus

Feb 15th 2017


BATON ROUGE, La. – Marucci Sports announced today it has acquired Victus Sports, a custom wood bat manufacturer and Big League bat supplier who Marucci identified as a rising star in the baseball world.

"This acquisition made perfect sense,” said Marucci Co-Founder and CEO Kurt Ainsworth. “Victus adds value to Marucci's culture and balance sheet, so it is accretive in every way.”

More than ten years ago, Marucci launched in a backyard shed with the goal of becoming the Number One Bat in the Big Leagues. Since then, the brand has overtaken the traditional companies and solidified itself as the gold standard in baseball.

As a disruptor in an otherwise nostalgic industry, Marucci is committed to continuing its upward blueprint for success, which has grown to include identifying young brands poised for similar market disruption and rapid growth.

Marucci immediately recognized itself in Victus as a new, disruptive, innovative brand and after further diligence, found their premium brands were born of the same DNA - a player-centric philosophy and obsessive attention to quality.

“Victus will energize Marucci to continue to be a disruptor in our industry, and Marucci will accelerate Victus' growth into all product categories,” Ainsworth said.

"We were inspired by Marucci from the beginning,” said Victus Co-Founder and CEO Jared Smith. “They have a tremendous team of great people, and we share their hunger for success. It's an honor to be able join them on their mission of growing the game by delivering the products players want and need to be successful."


Dedication to quality and an understanding of players' needs has taken Marucci Sports from a backyard shed in Baton Rouge to the No. 1 bat in Big League baseball. Founded in 2004 by two former professional baseball players and their athletic trainer, Marucci prides itself on being founded, majority owned, and operated by Big Leaguers. Current and former Big League partners include Albert Pujols, Anthony Rizzo, Buster Posey, David Ortiz and Jose Bautista, and other players who advise, test, and approve Marucci’s full line of elite baseball and softball products before going to market.

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Based in King of Prussia, PA, Victus Sports is a custom wood bat manufacturer used by numerous Big Leaguers and considered one of the most creative and innovative wood bat companies in the world. With their unique color finishes and logo designs, Victus thrives on setting themselves apart from the competition.

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