Marucci Founders' Club Adds Marucci Patriots

Marucci Founders' Club Adds Marucci Patriots

Oct 8th 2018

BATON ROUGE, La. – Here at Marucci, we have had a longstanding relationship with the Marucci Patriots fastpitch organization and we are proud to announce that the Patriots will be the first fastpitch team to join our Marucci Founders’ Club as an official partner.

Led by Coach Darrell Landry & Tim Brown, the Patriots have risen to be one of the premier fastpitch organizations in the country. Landry is the general manager of the Marucci Patriots, based in and around Baton Rouge, LA. The Louisiana Patriots date back to the 1970s and they joined forces with Marucci in 2015. Darrell’s daughter, Bailey Landry, played for the Patriots growing up and is currently a Marucci Softball Ambassador and Professional softball player.

“Marucci Patriots have been a part of Marucci Softball since its inception. They have been a loyal partner over the years and have been a part of our grassroots movement, the growth of Marucci Softball and Marucci Patriots goes hand in hand.” said Aly Sartini, the Director of Marucci Softball. “We are excited to name them our first founders club team and look forward to them leading the way for other potential Founders’ Club Organizations.”

As the first fastpitch Founders’ Club member, the Marucci Patriots have the opportunity to set the standard for greatness when it comes to Marucci Fastpitch Founders’ Club organizations. Marucci Founders’ Club organizations are dedicated to excellence on and off the field. Their reputation as a positive influence in their community, commitment to growing their organization and to ultimately honoring the game at all times.

Since 2012, the Patriots have produced 72 college signees and all seniors have signed to play college softball. This is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of the coaches and players within the organization. The Patriots have teams across the United States and Canada. Being able to spread top-level softball across the country is the foundation of the Patriots. Growing the game of softball, while also competing at the highest level is the ultimate goal. 

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