Marucci and BPL partner for a Player Development Experience

Marucci and BPL partner for a Player Development Experience

Jan 18th 2020

BATON ROUGE, LA – Marucci Sports announces an exciting new partnership with Baseball Performance Lab. The partnership allows Marucci Sports to be the first brand to offer an on-site bat fitting service for wood and aluminum bats.

Baseball Performance Lab (BPL) is the newly formed division of The Golf Lab, a golf performance and research company founded in 2009. For over a year, BPL has studied the science of golf club fitting and is now applying that research to the world of baseball. Their unique technology tests and evaluates the many variables of a player’s technique, then uses that information to make strategic suggestions on equipment and performance.

While there are many parallels and obviously some differences between baseball and golf, both sports focus on an athlete’s rotational swing. “It’s been fascinating to learn more about the athlete, the swing, and the component the bat plays in their performance. The technology in golf has surpassed baseball over the years, and now we can implement their tools to measure and provide an elite service to baseball players,” said Kyle Ourso, Marucci VP of Sports Marketing. “We already provide a high level product that we can now further tailor. We are excited by what we’ve learned so far, and we look forward to continuing research.”

Together, Marucci and BPL are providing a state-of-the-art facility where players can advance their game and optimize their equipment. Baseball Performance Lab will also play an integral role in future design and development of Marucci products. “Our partnership with Marucci allows us to custom manufacture wood fitting bats and game bats for professional athletes to the tightest tolerances,” said BPL Founder Liam Mucklow. “This partnership also allows us to provide these fitting experiences to amateur players as well.”

“Having spent the past three months on campus designing and building BPL, it’s easy to see why Marucci has been so successful,” said Micah Gibbs, BPL Director of Player Performance. “Their commitment to quality and innovation in the game of baseball is unparalleled, and we’re excited to see what this partnership can produce.”

Baseball Performance Lab’s research and development center is located on the Marucci Sports Campus on McCann Drive in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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