Finding Your Next Fielding Glove

Finding Your Next Fielding Glove

Sep 28th 2022

Marucci’s newly released glove lines are here and better than ever. With all-new patterns, designs and colors, we have something for every player. Now offering eleven fielding glove lines, Marucci is primed to set you up for success on the baseball and fastpitch diamond. Choosing the best glove for your game can be a tough task, so hopefully this fielding glove guide will offer a useful overview by position, material, depth, shape, fit and web style.


ELITE: Capitol, Cypress, Ascension

INTERMEDIATE: Oxbow, Acadia, Krewe

YOUTH: Caddo

FASTPITCH: Magnolia, Palmetto, Acadia Fastpitch, Caddo Fastpitch


There are general length ranges that apply to positions on the field but picking your design and size will always be based on personal preference. For reference, the general lengths used by professional players per position are:

Catchers: 33.5-34”

Pitchers: 11.5”, 11.75”, 12”

First Base: 12.5”, 12.75”, 13”

Middle Infield: 11.25”, 11.5”, 11.75”

Third Base: 11.75-12”

Outfield: 12.5-13”


Kip leather is a premium, tight-grained leather, providing a smooth surface and strong structure, while keeping the glove lightweight. Steerhide is the most rugged and durable leather and boasts great molding qualities to get the shape you feel comfortable with. Cowhide is the softest and lightest leather that is easiest to break in.

Our Capitol and Cypress series are crafted with USA leather that is tanned in Japan. This process is renowned for producing high-quality leather for two reasons:

(1) The cold climates of the Midwest U.S. create a thick and sturdy hide.

(2) Japan is the No. 1 producer of high-quality ball glove leather.


Kip leather: Capitol
Steerhide: Cypress, Ascension, Magnolia, Palmetto
Cowhide: Oxbow, AcadiaKrewe, CaddoAcadia FPCaddo FP


Marucci's new glove lines have neutral and deep pattern options to better suit the needs of your playstyle and position. A neutral pattern is built for the player who plays fast and wants a quick transition from glove to hand, where the deep pattern is for the player who is looking to secure the ball.


Marucci has three different fit systems in our line that will help you decide what feels best for you. Our M Type fit system provides integrated thumb and pinky sleeves with an enhanced thumb stall to maximize comfort and feel. Our S Type is built for the younger player and has a traditional hand stall with adjustable thumb and pinky loops for a secured fit. Our C Type, which is the most advanced glove technology out, is a 3D molded thumb and pink insert that lets you pick straight or shifted hand positioning, so it fits exactly how you want.

While our baseball and fastpitch lines look very similar, our fastpitch patterns have shallower pockets in the infield for quicker transfers. Fastpitch gloves are also crafted with a wider shape to accommodate a bigger ball.

Whether an adult, youth or fastpitch model, each glove is suited to fit that player. Although youth models are intended for kids up to 13, a smaller-built adult who prefers a snug fit can still find success while using our intermediate fielding glove line.

The adult models will have the roomiest hand stall to allow for bigger hands while the youth gloves utilize a tapered fit and fastpitch line falls somewhere in between. The adult finger stalls will also be taller than the softball and youth models to support larger fingers.


Infielders defend with more spacious web styles, such as an I-Web or H-Web, for a lighter feel and quicker transitions. Pitchers conceal the ball while changing grips by using closed webs, like a two-piece solid. Outfielders secure the ball in the pocket by using webs with less spacing, such as an H-Web or double bar post.


Marucci also offers custom fielding gloves that has features that you can’t find in our in-line models. From size to web to colors, our customizer allows you to build the glove of your dreams. We offer customization in our Capitol, Cypress, Ascension, Oxbow and Magnolia lines.