Diamond Kinetics and Marucci Unveil First-Of-Its-Kind Fully Integrated Smart Bat

Diamond Kinetics and Marucci Unveil First-Of-Its-Kind Fully Integrated Smart Bat

Nov 28th 2023

Two of the most innovative companies in baseball, Marucci and Diamond Kinetics (DK), unveiled the Marucci CATX Smart, the first smart bat with an integrated sensor approved by USSSA for in-game use, setting a new standard for smart baseball equipment.

This limited-release alloy Marucci CATX Smart gives players the same clean, consistent swings they are accustomed to, but with a twist - the ability to gather and track performance data anytime, anywhere without having to attach a sensor. With a completely integrated Diamond Kinetics Bat Sensor, players can instantly visualize swing metrics across aspects of power, speed, quickness, and control, as well as monitor their progress from practice swings to live in-game at-bats, and enjoy interactive games and training content, all within the DK mobile app. The Marucci CATX Smart is the first smart bat to be approved for in-game use as part of the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) bat standard, so any tournament, league, or organization that requires the USSSA stamp will allow this bat in-game play.

“We can’t wait for athletes to get their hands on the new Marucci CATX Smart,” said Kurt Ainsworth, Co-Founder and CEO of Marucci Sports. “We believe this smart bat will be a game-changer for the sport and will provide athletes with the chance to personalize their development at practice, in the backyard, and in competition. Marucci and Diamond Kinetics are committed to innovation, developing supportive and responsible technology to grow the game of baseball and equip the next generation of players with tools to stay engaged, succeed on the diamond, and most importantly, have fun.”

The CATX Smart bat collaboration builds on a long-standing partnership between DK and Marucci and their shared commitment to grow the game of baseball by integrating thoughtful, proven technology to enhance the training experience for athletes to keep them engaged and connected to the sport. The Marucci CATX Smart takes full advantage of DK’s innovative approach to training that leverages state-of-the-art technology to gamify training with missions and challenges that reward participation. Each bat has a unique ID linked to the DK app so players can immediately personalize their development and unlock their potential while opening up a whole new world of hitting experiences. CATX Smart users can participate in guided hitting sessions where they are encouraged to swing like Marucci Athletes including Alex Bregman, Trea Turner, Austin Riley, Freddie Freeman, Anthony Rizzo, and Francisco Lindor, and access exclusive DK x Marucci challenges within the app.

“The Marucci CATX Smart is a direct lens into the future of the game of baseball,” said CJ Handron, Co-Founder and CEO of Diamond Kinetics. “This new bat will help athletes get better insight into their game and make hitting experiences more fun with access to real-time swing metrics, guided hitting sessions, missions and challenges. There is no reason that every bat can’t be a smart bat, and we are thrilled to continue to drive innovation in the game in partnership with Marucci.”

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