Dallas Tigers Round out the Teams Joining Marucci's Franchise Club

Dallas Tigers Round out the Teams Joining Marucci's Franchise Club

Dec 4th 2020

Marucci Sports announced today that the Dallas Tigers have joined the newly formed Franchise Club in its inaugural year.

“We are excited to join the Franchise Club. The Dallas Tigers have enjoyed our relationship with the Marucci Sports staff and look forward to it continuing for years to come. Their commitment to serving the coaches, players and parents in our club is unmatched. The staff at Marucci truly cares about the people in our program which means a lot to me,” said Tommy Hernandez, Founder of Dallas Tigers Baseball Club.

Marucci Sports is dedicated to offering the best product and support to all of its partners. This dedication is what led to the formation of the Franchise Club. With the Dallas Tigers joining an elite group of travel baseball clubs, they will now be further integrated with the Marucci and Victus brands.

“The Dallas Tigers are one of the most respected organizations in the country. They have a long tradition of success on the field and producing top collegiate and Big League players. The club has been in existence for over 25 years so to keep that level of performance year in and year out is quite an incredible accomplishment,” said Kyle Achord, Vice President of Team Sales at Marucci Sports.

Having such an historic team like the Dallas Tigers opt-in to the Franchise Club is a testament to Marucci’s hard work. Marucci and their partner brand Victus are committed to supporting the Franchise Clubs grow and reach new heights. The Dallas Tigers’ increased commitment will aid in their growth and development as they will be involved in product validation and be granted the use of the Marucci and Victus brand names in their team names.

Achord concluded, “we are happy Tommy decided to have the Tigers become a Franchise Club and look forward to them representing the Marucci and Victus brands on the field.”

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