Completing the F5 Bat Line

Completing the F5 Bat Line

Oct 5th 2021

Since its original launch in 2018, the F5 has gone through a color update and drop weight expansion. When we first launched the F5, we offered 3 sizes; BBCORSenior League -10 and Junior Big Barrel -10. With the F5 growing in popularity, we expanded the line to include the USA Baseball certified, Senior League -10 so players can dominate using Marucci in both USA Baseball and USSSA leagues around the country. Now, the Senior League -5 and -8 are joining the lineup. No matter what level you play, the F5 has you covered. The F5 is designed with balance, speed and control in mind. Players who are focused on getting the bat through the zone quickly and accurately will love this bat.

Every baseball player strives for fast bat speed. A faster bat speed means increased exit velocity, and more exit velocity means a higher chance at a home run. With the F5, you won’t struggle ripping the bat through the zone.


The one-piece F5 features multi-variable barrel walls that create an expanded sweet spot with high durability. Its ring-free barrel provides greater performance with no “dead” spots.


The F5 covers everyone from coach pitch to college. So which bat in the F5 lineup should you be swinging? Let’s go through all of the options to help you pick which bat fits your game.


BBCOR is a certification required for high school and collegiate level play. Players should begin to get a feel for BBCOR bats before they make the transition to high school. As you’ll see in the next section about USSSA certified sizes, players should be progressing to heavier bats as they get older to better prepare themselves for the transition to a BBCOR.

USSSA CERTIFIED: -5, -8, -10 and JBB

Our USSSA certified bats include the F5 -5, F5 -8, F5 -10 and F5 Junior Big Barrel. In baseball, players strive to swing the heaviest possible bat they can in order to achieve more power in their swing. However, you should never swing a bat that is too heavy for you. This is why finding your ideal drop weight is crucial to your play on the field. Younger kids around the age of 9 to 11 will favor swinging -10s, and as they get older progress to a heavier bat. Transitioning from a -5 to a -3 in high school is a lot easier than transitioning from a -8 to a -3. Junior Big Barrel bats are designed for kids who are 8 years old and younger, these bats are typically used for coach pitch leagues.


In the F5 bat line, we offer one USA Baseball certified bat, the F5 Senior League -10. This bat is certified for play in AABC Baseball, Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, Dixie Boys Baseball, Little League®, Pony Baseball and NABF Baseball. 

If you are looking for additional USA Baseball certified sizes, our CAT bat line may offer what you’re looking for.