Comparing the Echo DMND and Echo Connect DMND

Comparing the Echo DMND and Echo Connect DMND

Sep 9th 2022

Building off the success of the Echo and Echo Connect, Marucci has released the Echo DMND and Echo DMND Connect, with innovation that increases feel and performance. With a new composite material that requires no break in time, the DMND is hot out of the wrapper.

When choosing between the one-piece Echo DMND and the two-piece Echo Connect DMND, you’ll need to consider the differences. Each model has unique features, and we are here to break down the technology to assist in making an informed decision.

While the Echo DMND and Echo Connect DMND are two different models, they do share some of the same technology. Both are made with our new MDX MAX Composite which is made up of multi-directional composite layers that create an ultra-responsive barrel. They also have a handle that is wrapped in a micro-perforated, soft-touch grip with extra tack allowing for maximum control and better feel. Now you know the similarities, next we'll discuss the differences.


The Echo DMND is a one-piece composite design, made of the MDX MAX. A one-piece design offers a stiffer feel and minimal flex when contact is made with the ball creating a clean, consistent and traditional swing. The one-piece construction also offers a more balanced design which is favored by many players.

The Echo DMND also features the new Liquid-Gel anti-vibration technology that reduces and absorbs vibrations quicker and more effectively than the previous AV2 knob. It features a precise amount of liquid-gel situated into an open-cavity knob that creates a smooth, solid feel during contact.

Echo Connect DMND

The two-piece Echo Connect DMND is constructed by joining the carbon composite handle and the MDX MAX composite barrel with our Outer Locking System. This connection creates maximum energy transfer to the ball while dismissing virtually all vibrations produced at contact. The Echo Connect DMND has a slightly more end-loaded feel than the Echo DMND.

The Echo Connect DMND is the bat of choice of professional players, Haley Cruse of the USSSA Pride and Courtney Gano of Athletes Unlimited. Both the Echo DMND and Echo Connect DMND are available in -11, -10, -9 and -8 and certified for WBSC (previously ISF), ISA, USSSA and USA (previously ASA).