C•MOD Fielding Gloves: Shift vs. Straight

C•MOD Fielding Gloves: Shift vs. Straight

Jan 24th 2020

Marucci signed Glove Cowboy and Scott Carpenter onto our team last year, and together we are changing the game. We’ve already redesigned the outside of our fielding gloves, now we are changing the inside.

Traditional fielding gloves follow a “one size fits all” standard leaving empty space around the fingers. The loose fit causes your hand to move around the inside of your glove and minimizes control. Additionally, over 65% of fielders use a shifted hand position in a standard glove. Before now, the fielding glove industry hasn’t considered hand size or a player’s preferred hand position.

Bringing Eric on board and acquiring Carpenter Trade has allowed us to craft something truly special - C•MOD. The C•MOD fielding glove system revolutionizes both fit and hand position. The tailored-fit technology is available in straight or shift for optimal grip and leverage when fielding the ball.


The shift hand position places the pinky and ring finger in the pinky slot of a fielding glove. This position enhances player ability to close the glove while deepening the pocket. A fielder aims to catch the ball between their index finger and thumb. By shifting your hand towards the pinky, more space is created between these fingers for greater leverage.

C•MOD Shift Models:

Capitol C15K2 12" Shift

Capitol C78R3 12.75" Shift

Capitol C63A2 11.50" Shift

Capitol C53A2 11.5" Shift

Cypress C78R3 12.75" Shift

Cypress C53A2 11.5" Shift


The straight hand position utilizes each finger slot for its designated finger and is the more traditional glove position. This method allows for greater wrist mobility, glove control and natural feel. 

C•MOD Straight Models:

Capitol C65A3 12" Straight

Capitol C63A2 11.50" Straight

C•MOD hand positions and size options are also available when personalizing your custom fielding glove:

Custom Capitol Series Glove

Custom Cypress Series Glove

For more information on C•MOD Fielding Gloves, click here.