Choosing between Aluminum and Composite Metal Bats

Choosing between Aluminum and Composite Metal Bats

Jul 3rd 2019

A common question that we receive comes in the form of, “Is the aluminum or composite metal bat superior?” The answer is that both have individual advantages depending on the experience and feel of the user.

Aluminum Bats

Alloy bats are suitable for beginners and experienced players alike. Without a break-in period, a first-time user can take advantage of the extremely strong and responsive aluminum out of the wrapper. The incredible balance, fast swing speeds and unmistakable “ping” on contact also provides an edge that experienced and competitive players love.

The increased strength allows for multi-variable wall designs, which results in larger sweet spots and more forgiveness on mishits. Stronger alloy results in ring-free barrels that meet certification standards with no dead spots along the barrel.

Marucci aluminum bats include the CAT8, Posey28 ProMetal, USA Baseball approved CAT and F5.

Composite Bats

Composite bats offer maximum barrel length, meaning a longer surface area and wider sweet spot without sacrificing balance. The patented SDX EXT connection increases stiffness to maintain energy transfer to the ball while minimizing sting on the hands.

The two-piece composite construction allows for higher performance and all-season durability but requires a 6-step break-in period. If proper care of the bat isn't taken during the break-in period and over the life of the bat, it may result in premature breakage or lowered performance.

Marucci's CAT Composite line includes -5, -8, -10 and Junior Big Barrel models.

Marucci also offers a hybrid bat line – the CAT8 Connect – that combines a carbon composite handle with an aluminum alloy barrel. This two-piece design results in a slightly end-loaded feel and whip-like swing that power hitters love.