Dec 6th 2023

How do I get started? 

Getting started is easy! Scan the QR code on the barrel of your Marucci CATX Smart bat to download the Diamond Kinetics App. Follow the steps in the App to set up your account and DK+ Membership.

How does the warranty work? 

Six month manufacturer warranty from Marucci Sports. Visit for more information, or contact Marucci at (225) 291-2552 or

Who do I contact if I need help or support with the app or sensor? 

Contact the Diamond Kinetics Customer Support team via in-app chat or email:

Can I use my Marucci CATX Smart bat in games?

Yes! The Marucci CATX Smart bat is approved by the USSSA Bat Standards for in-game use.

When I hit with the CATX Smart, it sounds a little different than a regular CATX, why?

The Marucci CATX Smart sounds slightly different from the regular CATX because of the modified knob that houses the DK Bat Sensor. The sound does not affect the performance of the bat.

What makes the embedded sensor different from a normal DK sensor?

All other Diamond Kinetics sensors need to be attached to the knob of a bat. The embedded sensor in the CATX Smart is also different because it does not need to be charged.

Because this bat has a Lithium battery, is it safe for air travel?

Yes! The batteries are permanently installed in a crush resistant shell with watt-hour capacity meeting all regulations for safe travel. The bat is allowed to travel on planes, in both checked luggage and carry on.

Does my CATX Smart require that I’m connected to the Diamond Kinetics app to measure my swings?

You do not need to be connected to the DK App to measure your swings. The sensor can house up to 100+ swings in offline mode, which will be downloaded into your profile once you connect to the DK app.

What is the difference between connected use (in-app) vs. disconnected use?

While connected, users will gain immediate access to their swing data, in addition to the 100+ experiences in the DK App. When disconnected, the DK Bat Sensor can store 100+ swings, but the user will not have access to the swing data until they connect to the DK App.

How do I know if my sensor is on and connected to the app?

Open the DK App, go to Settings, click on Sensor, and it will read Connected at the top of the screen when the sensor is connected.

What if I have and use an existing DK Bat Sensor in addition to my new CATX Smart? Will I be able to access data from both sensors?

Yes. You will be able to access data from both sensors. For instance, you could use your existing bat sensor on a bat you use for practice and then use your CATX Smart for pregame BP and in game swings.

What about my data from DK’s old SwingTracker App?

Any data captured while using the SwingTracker app will be available in the new Diamond Kinetics app. The Diamond Kinetics app even calculates your Swing Score across your historical swings. And as always, you can view the full details of your swings in the Diamond Kinetics web app.

What mobile devices are compatible?

The DK Bat Sensor is compatible with Apple (iOS) devices only, iOS 16 and newer.

What countries is the DK App available in?

The DK App is only available for download in the App Store in the United States, at this time. The full smart bat feature set is not available in other countries.

How close does the device need to be to the bat when swinging?

To connect to the DK App, the bat sensor works best when the mobile device is within 60 feet and is more effective the closer the device is to the sensor. If not connected to the DK App, the DK Bat Sensor will still store swing data, but the swing metrics will not be available until connected to the DK App.

Do I have to connect to the same device every time I use the bat and DK App?

You do not have to connect to the same device every time you hit. As long as you log into your account in the DK App and connect via the app settings, your swings will be recorded.

What happens if I let someone else swing my CATX Smart? Will their swings be applied to my account?

Their swings will be applied to your account unless you change from your profile in the DK App.

Is a DK+ Membership Required?

Access to swing data is free. In addition, there are free experiences available in the Diamond Kinetics App - however, the DK+ membership unlocks hundreds of activities including interactive games, challenges & missions, guided hitting sessions, and exclusive content from MLB and other DK partners.

If I have a CATX Smart bat, how do I buy my DK membership?

Connect your smart bat in the DK App - go to Settings and select your preferred membership option - either monthly or annual. Additionally, if you want to do an activity that requires a membership, you can tap on the subscription prompt and pay for you DK+ membership and unlock all DK+ activities.

How many profiles are part of a DK+ Membership?

Up to four profiles are a part of each DK+ membership

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