2024 Bat Digest Award Winners

2024 Bat Digest Award Winners

Mar 4th 2024

Each year, Bat Digest carefully selects the "Best Baseball Bats" through rigorous testing, player reviews, and industry expertise. These awards are widely acknowledged for their esteemed reputation in our realm. Bat Digest evaluated factors such as barrel performance, bat technology, player feedback, and more to determine the top bats of 2024. Marucci's bat lines secured five awards in total including Best BBCOR Bat 2024.

As a premiere destination for baseball and fastpitch bat information, Bat Digest’s reviews are some of the most trusted in the industry.

Marucci has been a part of the Bat Digest awards since the launch of CAT6 in 2015. Bat Digest's hands-on review process provides valuable insights for companies to assess the feel of their bats in the hands of athletes. Feedback directly from athletes is invaluable in this regard.

"We’re extremely proud to once again to be included in the Bat Digest awards. It’s a testament to our team and their commitment to leading the market with the best equipment in the game. Bat Digest plays a pivotal role in the baseball community, actively involving athletes to guarantee the highest quality reviews," stated Kurt Ainsworth, Co-Founder and CEO of Marucci Sports.

The CATX features the largest generational change within the CAT line. With a new barrel profile, custom-shaped tapered handle, and new liquid-gel anti-vibration technology, the CATX line is the most balanced CAT line to date. These modifications are a testament to the awards outlined below.

Best BBCOR Bat 2024 – CATX Vanta

Bat Digest awarded the CATX Vanta as the top bat in BBCOR baseball. Its exceptional performance, strong demand, and sleek color design clinched this prestigious accolade.

Find out more: CATX Vanta BBCOR

Best Single Piece USSSA Bat 2024 – CATX

The CATX line is not only a top performer at the BBCOR level, but the USSSA sizes also earned the 2024 Best Single Piece USSSA Bat award. Being among the most coveted bats of 2023, it’s no surprise to see the CATX stand out amongst the competition.

CATX Senior League -5

CATX Senior League -8

CATX Senior League -10

CATX Junior Big Barrel -10

Best Drop 8 Bat 2024 – CATX Composite

With the CATX Composite, we set out to design a bat that helps athletes achieve the best results at the plate. Featuring a more balanced design, the CATX Composite allows athletes to generate greater bat speed while maintaining the large composite barrel they know and love. It’s clear from this award that we accomplished just that.

Find out more: CATX Composite Senior League -8

Another Best Drop 5 USSSA Bat – CATX Composite

Adding to the hype of the CATX Composite, it also took home an award in its -5 size, cementing itself as one of the hottest bats on the market.

Find out more: CATX Composite Senior League -5

Best Cheap BBCOR Bat – F5

Marucci’s excellence in the metal bat realm doesn’t stop at the CAT line. The F5’s one-piece alloy design gives the athlete the balance, speed, and control they need to do damage at the plate.

Find out more: F5 BBCOR

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