Marucci Nightshift: [Veloci]Rapter
  • Marucci Nightshift: [Veloci]Rapter
  • Marucci Nightshift: [Veloci]Rapter
  • Marucci Nightshift: [Veloci]Rapter
  • Marucci Nightshift: [Veloci]Rapter

Marucci Nightshift: [Veloci]Rapter

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Marucci Nightshift: [Veloci]Rapter

Capitol M Type 45A3 12” H-Web

“Design inspiration started with a 90’s Toronto basketball jersey. But the naming morphed from a dinosaur, or is it a

bird? Turns out it’s a bird of prey, but also a dinosaur, and the basketball team’s mascot ... that’s actually more of a
T-Rex. In the end, it’s big, it’s bold, it glows in the dark so it felt right to name it after a dinosaur.”
– Eric Walbridge aka Glove Cowboy

M Type fit system provides integrated thumb and pinky sleeves with enhanced thumb stall cushioning to maximize
comfort and feel.

  • Shape: Dual Wide
  • Depth: Medium
  • Premium Japanese-tanned USA Kip leather combines ideal structure and lightweight feel
  • Highest-grade cabretta sheepskin lining provides luxurious texture and enhanced comfort
  • Moisture-wicking mesh wrist lining with dual-density memory foam padding
  • Professional-grade rawhide laces provide maximum tear-resistance
  • Available in right-hand throw
  • Recommended for second base, shortstop, third base

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