Matte Black & More

We’ve been asked all year about this sick matte finish usually reserved only for our pro players. Now’s your chance to own either the AP5, CU26, or JB19 with a matte black handle and barrel with expanded logo and engraving color options not available on any other bat at any other time.

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In sports, there are no overnight success stories.

We started in a workshop

We started in a workshop with an idea and a flawless piece of maple and built our name on consistency and craftsmanship, never putting our seal of approval on a bat that wasn’t perfect. Ten years later, Marucci is the No. 1 bat in the Big Leagues. That same commitment to quality and understanding of players’ needs is engineered into each of our elite baseball and softball products.

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Fielding Gloves

Field like a pro.

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Batting Gloves

Grip with confidence.

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Feel the difference.

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Look good, play better.

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It’s quite simple, really: There are no shortcuts. No easy routes. Just hard work and hustle. When you play that way you

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