This is What Commitment Looks Like

Commitment is more than a word.
It’s stronger than a pledge and deeper than a promise.
It’s something you embody and something you earn.
It takes consistency, passion, heart, and confidence.
Seasons change, but commitment doesn’t.

The Game Demands Confidence

Commitment is unbreakable. It’s a steadfast conviction vetted by adversity and affirmed by success. It instills a mental toughness that silences critics, eliminates doubt, and inspires confidence.

A league MVP award and numerous individual accolades have provided Andrew McCutchen with the confident mindset he brings to every at-bat.

The Game Demands Passion

Commitment is a responsibility. It’s the pledge that drives you and lights a fire within. It’s an obligation you have to your family, your home, your team, and yourself. It’s rooted in pride, inspired by purpose, and fueled by passion.

With loud hair, big smile, and upbeat attitude, Francisco Lindor’s passion for the game shines through his personality. His flashy style is balanced by authentic humility and his commitment on and off the field.

The Game Demands Heart

Commitment is ongoing. It’s a relentless pursuit of excellence that requires a willingness to give your all to the game and your team. It’s defined by determination, assessed by attitude, and measured by heart.

Few Big Leaguers give more of themselves to the game or play with more heart than Anthony Rizzo. He leads by example, on and off the field, as his commitment extends from the clubhouse to the community.

The Game Demands Consistency

Consistency in preparation translates to consistency on the field. It requires a pledge to the process and a daily dedication to your routine.

With a lifetime batting average over .300 and multiple championships, Buster Posey's commitment to a routine over his nine-year Big League career has made him one of the game's most consistent hitters.

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