Marucci Founders' Club Adds USA Athletics

Marucci Founders' Club Adds USA Athletics

Oct 18th 2018

BATON ROUGE, La. – Marucci Softball continues to make noise in the fastpitch world by announcing the addition of USA Athletics fastpitch organization to the Marucci Founders’ Club as an official partner. They are the second fastpitch organization to join the Founders’ Club.

The USA Athletics organization is managed and run by Mike and Rose Rogers. Mike and Rose are two of the most well respected people in the fastpitch circuit. The USA Athletics is a Southern California based non-profit fastpitch organization that has been in existence for 22 years. Based out of Signal Hill, California, the Athletics have 20 teams from 10U to 18U. Mike, Rose, and the countless coaches have worked nonstop to make the USA Athletics the premier program that they are today. Year after year, the Athletics have girls move on to playing softball at the college level.

“Through hard work, commitment, team dedication and the love of the game, the student athletes of the USA Athletics strive to rise above all others. To continue to achieve our athletics goals, we have partnered with Marucci Sports, which provides our team with high performance equipment and gear.” said Rose Rogers, manager and director of the USA Athletics. “We selected Marucci for their proven results in baseball where the best players in the world exclusively play with Marucci equipment along with the high quality and perfect fit for woman softball players. We stand behind a company of winners who love the game as USA Athletics players do.”

The USA Athletics join the Marucci Patriots as the only two fastpitch organizations to be members of the Marucci Founders’ Club. Both the Athletics and the Patriots represent everything that Marucci is about. The Marucci Founders’ Club organizations are dedicated to excellence on and off the field and that is exactly what the USA Athletics do. Mike and Rose have instilled sportsmanship, hard work and dedication into the entire USA Athletics organization and we could not be more excited to have them as members of the Marucci Family.

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