Introducing "Glove Talk"

Introducing "Glove Talk"

Apr 15th 2020

Glove Talk is a limited series about all things leather. Marucci glove designers Eric Walbridge and Scott Carpenter sit down to have a conversation about the past, present and future of the fielding glove timeline. 

This series will share the thought process behind C•MOD technology while diving into the minds behind Marucci glove designs. If you have an interest in fielding gloves, Glove Talk is for you.

Join us every Wednesday at 3:00pm CST to catch a new episode, and follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook for the latest updates.

More About Our Glove Designers

Scott Carpenter is known for revolutionizing the way fielding gloves are worn by players of all levels, and Marucci Sports shares that same vision. With the acquisition of Carpenter Trade, Marucci leather now features his signature technology in the C•MOD glove line and Custom Fielding Gloves.

Eric Walbridge, glove designer and former collegiate baseball athlete found his passion for making gloves by helping his teammates re-lace their game pieces when he found himself side-lined due to a shoulder injury. Eric joined Marucci in 2018 to develop our newest glove lines. Since joining, he’s brought the CapitolCypressOxbowAscensionVermilion and Acadia series to the baseball fielding glove lineup. For fastpitch softball, he has introduced the Magnolia and Palmetto series.