Georgia Bombers Strengthen Their Commitment to Marucci Sports

Georgia Bombers Strengthen Their Commitment to Marucci Sports

Aug 31st 2020

Marucci Sports announced on 8/31 that the Georgia Bombers have joined the newly formed Franchise Club.

"In our 5 years of existence, joining the Marucci family has been the best decision we have made for Georgia Bombers Baseball. Marucci has delivered on everything they said they would when we joined the Founders’ Club last year. Kyle, along with his team, are the best in the business. They truly care about their customers’ satisfaction, our organization and putting the best products in our player’s hands. Joining the Franchise Club was an easy decision for us. We look forward to watching Marucci and Georgia Bombers Baseball continue to grow together through the years ahead,” said Aaron Alvarez, President of the Georgia Bombers.

The Franchise Club continues to grow exponentially with the newly added Georgia Bombers. As one of the top travel ball organizations in the country, the Georgia Bombers are a major addition to the Franchise Club.

“In our quest to partner with the best baseball organizations in the country, we came across the Georgia Bombers. After doing our research we decided to offer them membership into the Founders’ Club. Now after dealing with Aaron, Wes, and the Bombers staff, it’s an easy decision to offer them an invitation to become a Franchise Club member,” said Kyle Achord, Marucci’s Vice President of Team Sales.

The Franchise Club represents an increased commitment between Marucci, Victus and the organizations who commit to this new multi-year deal. With the inclusion of the Georgia Bombers in the Franchise Club, they will now be granted the use of Marucci and Victus in their team names, along with a deeper integration with the brands.

“In a short period of time, the Bombers organization has become a national presence, and we look forward to having them represent the Marucci and Victus brands in the years to come,” continued Achord.

Marucci Sports is excited about the top travel ball organizations throughout the country representing the two hottest brands in baseball. Both brands are committed to supporting the Franchise Clubs to grow and reach new heights.