CAT8 Connect BBCOR

CAT8 Connect BBCOR

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CAT8 Connect BBCOR

Power hitters love the end-loaded feel and ultra-responsive barrel of the CAT8 Connect BBCOR, a two-piece hybrid bat featuring a power-loaded barrel built with AZ105 super-strength aluminum alloy. The patented SDX EXT connection (US Patent No. 10,016,667) increases stiffness to maintain energy transfer to the ball, while also dismissing negative vibrations to the hands, resulting in maximum power and minimum sting.

  • AZ105 alloy, the strongest aluminum in the Marucci bat line, allows for thinner barrel walls, a higher response rate and better durability
  • Multi-variable wall design creates an expanded sweet spot and thinner barrel walls that are more forgiving after off-centered contact
  • SDX EXT, Extended Shock Dissipating Connection, increases stiffness to maintain energy transfer to the ball, while also dismissing all harsh, unwanted vibrations from players’ hands
  • Ring-free barrel construction allows for more barrel flex and increases performance with no "dead" spots
  • Power-loaded barrel results in a higher M.O.I. and end-loaded feel for effortless power
  • Two-piece hybrid design combines a carbon composite handle with the AZ105 alloy barrel for maximum power
  • Professionally inspired handle features a removable taper and an ergonomic knob shape for more top-hand control and comfort
  • Micro-perforated soft-touch grip with extra tack improves feel and control
  • Grip weight and manufacturing tolerances may cause slight deviation from the listed weight
  • 2 5/8" barrel diameter
  • BBCOR certified
  • One-year warranty included


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    "Cat 8 connect"

    Posted by Jeremiah Erhard on Apr 26th 2019

    "Great bat good feel definitely a different feel than normal bats it hits amazing and looks amazing at first the only complaint is the paint wears away fast and chips from normal use I only use mine for games and it works as a bat great it's just not pretty anymore"

  • 5
    "Awesome Bat"

    Posted by Jeffrey on Apr 13th 2019

    "This is the best bat I have ever layed my hands on. The way to feels and how big the sweet spot is. Also when you hit it off the end of the bat it doesn't sting all. Overall great bat. (It hits dingers)"

  • 5
    "Best Performing Bat I Have Owned"

    Posted by Dan Holdt on Aug 21st 2018

    "When I first got this bat, it was hard to get used to the end loaded feel of the bat, but once I got used to it, I was hitting line drives all over the field. The ball just seems to fly off the bat. Awesome sound, feel, and pop. The best BBCOR bat in 2018 By Far!"

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    "Best bat I own"

    Posted by Hunter Davis on Jun 8th 2018

    "I got my bat this week and I went to the cage with it right away. I put a tuff sleve on it to protect it a little and it is working out great. One ball I hit right on the tip of the bat and felt absolutly nothing. The shock absorbers are so advanced, I think they even beat out Easton and everyone knows that Easton has been doing the anti-shock and 2 piece technology for years now. Marucci has them beat to be honest. I absolutely love my bat. It has a ton of pop and is also a little barrel heavy, just the way I like it. Nothing to complain about with this bat. I told myself that I wouldn't get a Marucci, but I did to try it and I think it was my best bat buy. I definitely recommend buying this bat over the cat 7 because it is a newer model and probably has better shock technologies."

  • 5
    "It is a legit awesome bat"

    Posted by Hagan on Jun 2nd 2018

    "I prefer this bat over any bat"