C2 11.5" I-Web
  • C2 11.5" I-Web
  • C2 11.5" I-Web
  • C2 11.5" I-Web
  • C2 11.5" I-Web
  • C2 11.5" I-Web
  • C2 11.5" I-Web

C2 11.5" I-Web


C2 11.5" I-Web

Made in Cooperstown, NY, the C2 ushers in the future of fielding gloves with an innovative combination of materials and a functional pattern design. Three synthetic shell materials, specifically selected for individual areas, for a stronger, lighter, more responsive defensive tool. A unique shape, unlike anything else in the market, provides more glove-closing leverage and a more secure fit.

Lighter than comparable gloves by as much as 6 ounces … basically to the weight of a baseball

Shape: Contoured C2 pattern
Tilted hand-stall design provides the grip strength, leverage, and pocket depth of a two-in-the-pinky hand position, in a traditional 5-finger design. The specialized wrist-closure style eliminates welting friction on the knuckles.

Depth: Deep
Unique design enhances the benefits of a deep pocket by increasing leverage and ball security.

Materials: Constructed from different materials, chosen for specific areas.
  Web: Built to withstand impact with strong, abrasion-resistant, synthetic material.
  Shell Fingers: Synthetic fabric with a higher material memory for more shape retention while allowing for personalized break-in.
  Lining: A supple synthetic with a bit of stretch and good shape retention, thin enough to feel the ball but thick enough to withstand multiple seasons.
  Shell Palm: Legendary Horween® steerhide for durability and shape retention.
  Wrist Lining: Moisture-wicking mesh with dual-density memory foam padding.
  Laces: Professional-grade rawhide for maximum tear-resistance.
Carpenter Technology
Roll-Flair molded thumb and pinky forms create a wider catching surface and funnel the ball into the pocket. Then, the contoured forms efficiently transfer energy from your hand to the glove tips for increased ball security.
Available in right-hand throw
Recommended for infield
Includes Graphite Glove Case to protect your competitive edge


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