The application of small pressure sensitive decals (i.e. team logo or player number) to a Marucci batting helmet does not negatively affect the integrity of the shell or protection of the helmet.

There are some adhesives used on pressure decals that can attack the polymer shell used in Marucci helmets if large surface areas are exposed to the adhesive; therefore, Marucci approves the use of pressure sensitive decals for team logos and player numbers as long as the decals applied are not to exceed 20% of the total surface area of the helmet.

The decals should not cover the Marucci logos, warning language, NOCSAE logo, or date of manufacture. Any covering of this information will void the NOCSAE approval of the helmet.

Certain chemicals, coatings, or adhesives can cause the ABS shell to degrade and become brittle; therefore, any use of heat, additional adhesives or chemical coatings is not recommended by Marucci.

The use of decals or coatings outside of this policy will void any Marucci warranty and NOCSAE approval of the helmet.


Marucci does not endorse, recommend or approve of any additional painting, clear coating, or airbrushing of the batters helmets. Some paints can cause shell degradation, which would adversely affect player safety. Marucci helmets are offered in multiple paint variations and meet the NOCSAE standard only using Marucci approved coatings.


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